Club 50/50 draw

As announced at the AGM all the monies collected by the 50/50 draw will be used towards ground improvements. So far the money raised has funded both the sightscreens and the recent improvements to the kitchen facilities.

3p a day for a year per number

If every club member currently not taking any numbers in our 50/50 draw, took one number and got two parents, relatives, friends or workmates to do the same then -

About £700 extra would be given out in prizes in the year
About £600 extra would be raised for ground improvement.

All for 3p a day each!!!

Please, please fill in a form , photocopy it and get others to enter and help us to improve club facilities.

Our most sincere thanks go to everyone who takes part every month .....


All it costs is £1 a month to enter, either cash to any committee member or fill a standing order form and return to Martin. Every entry puts 50p extra into the club to help us to improve the facilities.



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