Club Details

Welcome to PECC on the web!

Potten End is a traditional village club, located between Berkhamsted and Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire.

Official club records only date back to 1926, but it is believed that the club was officially formed in 1910, although there are some references to Potten End cricket as early as the 1890’s.

Next year (2024) we will have 2 teams playing in the Herts Saracens League on Saturdays.

The first XI will play in Division 5A and the second team will be in regional Division 11West.

Sunday fixtures are split between friendly games and some fixtures in the Chess Valley League (division 3).

Annual Subs 2024

      Adults £75 ——————– Juniors £20  (£50/£15  if paid by end of May, 50% reduction for players joining after end of June )


Match Fees for adult fixtures:

  • Adults £12.50 per match, £15 if tea is provided. £10 if playing 2nd game on same weekend

  • 18-21 years £7 per match

  • 16-17 years £6 per match

  • under 16s £5 per match

Midweek 20/20 games £5 (£2)

This covers pitch fees, teas and insurance. Please ensure you bring enough money to cover this amount.

We will NOT be allowing members to create additional work for others by continuing to fail to pay match subs at the game